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Nate: Tax Cuts Being Held on Aisle Four 

When you hit the neighborhood grocery store for your weekly shopping trip for eggs, milk, bread, fruits, and other staples, you pay the cost of the groceries plus an additional 6% for the state sales tax going to the state general fund.  The grocery tax brings in about $246 million for the state budget. You…

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2020 Legislative Update: Week Eight

State Constitutional Amendment Speaker of the House Scott Bedke and other legislators have sponsored a resolution that would permanently set the number of legislative districts in Idaho at 35. Currently, the Idaho Constitution allows between 30-35 districts and for the last 30 years, there have been 35 districts. This resolution passed the Senate State Affairs…

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2020 Legislative Update: Week Seven

Buzz topics for week seven of Idaho’s 2020 Legislative Session include state constitutional amendments, abortion, family, taxes, and more. Read below to learn more about some of the noteworthy bills and resolutions that presented or discussed this week in Boise! State Constitutional Amendments This week two different proposals to amend the State Constitution have progressed…

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