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House Bill 17 (2021): Public Funds, Abortion, Prohibit

House Bill 17 (H0017) seeks to limit funding to abortion providers.  It would ban tax funding being sent to abortion providers.  This bill would also prohibit and public contracting or public funding of any nature to a facility or organization that offers abortions.  This would apply to state, city, and county governments as well as…

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House Bill 308 – Handheld Devices Restriction Ban

On January 9, 2020, State Representative Joe Palmer (R-Meridian) introduced House Bill 308 (H0308), which amends section 49-208, Idaho code. The purpose of H0308 is to prohibit local authorities from adopting ordinances that restrict handheld wireless devices while driving. It also eliminates any such restrictive local regulations as of July 1, 2020. In House Bill…

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