Tag: Parents’ Rights

2021 Legislative Update: Week 13

EDUCATION New Legislation: House Bill 377 would protect free speech and prohibit K-12 teachers and professors of higher education institutions from requiring students to adopt a position on any issue personally. It promotes non-discriminatory practices in the classroom and allows for funds to be retracted from a school if there is a violation of this…

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House Bill 403 – Child Protection, Parental Rights

On February 3rd, Representative Heather Scott (R-Blanchard) introduced House Bill 403 (H0403) into the House Judiciary, Rules and Administration Committee. This bill proposes a slight word adjustment to an existing law about interviews conducted by Child Protective Services (CPS). It adds a reference to a section of Idaho law that explains the role and rights…

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House Bill Seeks to Protect Parental Rights with “Opt-In” Sex Education

On February 11, 2019, State Representative Barbara Ehardt (R–Idaho Falls) introduced House Bill 120 (H0120), which “amends existing law to revise provisions regarding sex education.” This legislation gives parents the ability to opt their children “in” to public school sexual education classes. House Bill 120 provides an additional layer of protection to parental rights, ensuring…

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