Tag: Natural Resources

07.03.2019: Administrative Rules Deadline

Recently, we posted an article regarding the unique opportunity to review and call for public hearings on the Idaho Administrative Code. Since the legislature did not renew the code during the 2019 legislative session, all 8,200 (+) pages of rules, fees, and regulations are open for public comment and action! You may request a public…

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Idaho Department Seeks to Increase Private Land Fees

On January 24, 2019, the Idaho House of Representatives introduced House Bill 44 (H0044). This proposed legislation would increase an assessment fee levied against private landowners of forest land. The per acre fee is intended to help fund operating expenses for the Idaho Department of Lands and implementation of regulations like the Shade Rule. The…

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Fremont County Cheering Proposed Alternatives to Targhee Pass

Fremont County Cheering Proposed Alternatives for Safety Improvements to Targhee Pass Public hearing to receive comments on Targhee Pass Environmental Assessment   FREMONT COUNTY, Idaho – Residents of Fremont county and especially Island Park are cheering the Idaho Transportation Department press release identifying the alternative to make safety improvements to Targhee Pass without the wildlife…

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