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House Bill 347 – Bond Elections

On January 21, 2020, State Representative Heather Scott (R- Blanchard) introduced House Bill 347 (H.0347), which “amends existing law to revise provisions regarding the holding of another bond election after a voter rejection.”  This legislation would place a restriction on the time period between when a taxing entity (like a library district, water district, school…

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S1049: Partial-Birth Abortion

On February 1, 2019, State Senators Lori Den Hartog and Todd Lakey introduced Senate Bill 1049 (S1049), which seeks to amend “existing law to revise provisions regarding partial-birth abortion.” If passed, S1049 would update Idaho’s ban on partial-birth abortion to be consistent with federal law. The ban ensures that partial-birth abortions are illegal to perform…

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