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Liberty in Law

Most Americans can easily name “The Star Spangled Banner” as our national anthem, but few realize that another song has, from time to time, been recommended as a replacement for this patriotic anthem. “America the Beautiful,” written first as a poem by  Katharine Lee Bates and put to music by Samuel A. Ward, has won…

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What Is My Role In Civil Society?

Standing up for what you believe in and having an opinion on an issue doesn’t sound too difficult, does it? My experience leads me to the conclusion that it must be difficult, as I have seen a pitiful lack of shouldering our civic responsibility to be involved in politics and current issues. And I’m guilty…

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11.11.2019: Liberty Principles Class

Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of government? Or what destroys liberty? Join Ms. Arlene Anderson for a discussion on these questions and more. Her Liberty Principles Class is at 7 PM every other Monday at MLI’s Spark Freedom Center. CLASS OUTLINE: Rights Fundamental or Natural Rights What is the purpose of government?…

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