Kylie Spain

Kylie Spain


Kylie Spain was an Communications Intern at the Madison Liberty Institute from January 2019-April 2019. She went on to be a full-time ESL Teach for VIPKids.

Kylie graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho in 2016 with her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology. She works full time as an ‘English as a Second Language Teacher’ for Chinese students through the company VIPKID. When she isn’t teaching she enjoys researching information and creating graphics to facilitate open discussion and political dialogue with her side project–The Red Pill Project. Kylie is a constitutional conservative with strong convictions of patriotism, limited government, and personal responsibility. 

Kylie was raised in Manassa, Colorado, a small southern farming town and is married to Casey Spain who is from Rigby, Idaho. She is the oldest of four children and enjoys archery, traveling, and watching movies.

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