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Alarming Crib to Kindergarten Federal Education Grant: Act Now

This afternoon the House of Representatives is expected to vote on Senate Bill 1193, a bill to accept a federal grant of nearly $6 million dollars for the education of children ages 0-5 years in Idaho. While education is well recognized as essential, this bill raises serious concerns by choosing a private organization (the Idaho…

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Action Alert: Fetal Heartbeat Legislation (HB.366)

Have you ever considered when life begins? The Governor will soon be taking action on House Bill 366 (HB.366), a pro-life bill that takes a stance on when life begins. Some propose that a sign of life is determined by detecting a heartbeat. At this moment, life begins. Much like one indicator of death is no…

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Action Alert: Parental Notice to Opt-Out of SBAC

Parents across Idaho are refusing to allow their children to participate in the end-of-year school testing. This testing is called the ISAT 2.0 or SBAC. It is usually administered in early to mid-March. (For context, click HERE for a letter from the Idaho chapter of National Education Guardians, dated February 16, 2020.) All parents should…

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