Author: Madison Liberty Institute

2021 Legislative Update: Week 15

PRO-LIFE  Update: House Bill 220 (previously House Bill 17), sponsored by Representative Bruce Skaugg (R-Nampa), would ban taxpayer funds from being sent to abortion providers and prohibit any public contracting or public funding to a facility or organization that offers abortions. This past week, the House accepted amendments to this bill that were previously passed…

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2021 Legislative Update: Week 14

EDUCATION Update: House Bill 377 would protect free speech and prohibit K-12 teachers and professors of higher education institutions from requiring students to adopt a position on any issue personally. It promotes non-discriminatory practices in the classroom and allows for funds to be retracted from a school if there is a violation of this policy….

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Hanks: Critical Race Theory and Carrots

It’s an age-old trick: dangling the carrot in front of the donkey to get him to move; in other words, to induce desired behavior. Presently in Idaho, the “carrot” is the millions of dollars in federal grants, which induces acceptance of the accompanying ideologies within the Critical Race Theory and other “social justice” agendas. Critical…

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2021 Legislative Update: Week 5

ECONOMY & TAXATION New Legislation: House Bill 140 was introduced this week, sponsored by Representative Priscilla Giddings. This bill would prohibit any government entity in Idaho from contracting with a company that discriminates against their employees based on vaccination status. Update: House Bill 7 would allow Idaho to diversify the forms of funds it holds. …

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2021 Legislative Update: Week 3

EMERGENCY POWERS Update: House Concurrent Resolution 2, introduced by Representative Barbara Ehardt and Representative Brent Crane, was passed out of the house with a vote of 55-15.  The bill has now been sent to the Senate State Affairs Committee. The resolution calls for the end of restrictions on the size of gatherings in Idaho.  The…

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Smaller Regs, Bigger Government

The Madison Liberty Institute on Governor Little’s State Address: Last year, in his first State-of-the-State address, Idaho Governor, Brad Little, was disappointing.  He tossed out one or two conservative nuggets but mostly delivered a big-government banquet that would please any progressive or socialist.  It was disappointing from freedom, liberty, and constitutional perspectives, but it was…

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Our Incomparable Constitution

On the occasion of the commemoration of the signing of the Constitution, on 17 September 1787, some 232 years ago, we pause to remember the significance of that event and its implications for modern patriots. The American colonists had been gathering to this continent, starting with the establishment of Jamestown, Virginia, the first permanent English…

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Public Hearings Scheduled to Address New Birth Certificate Rule

Thousands of signatures were collected across Idaho requesting that public hearings be scheduled to discuss changes made to an administrative rule under the name of “vital statistics”:  IDAPA 16.02.08 – COMPLETION AND CORRECTION OF CERTIFICATES. (More information has been published on the Idaho Administrative Bulletin and can be found here.) Since April 2019, Idahoans have…

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Petition to Request a Public Hearing on IDAPA Rule to Change Birth Certificate

Complete the form below to add your name to this petition to request a public hearing in your community. Please keep in mind there is a deadline! TAKE ACTION before Wednesday, JULY 17 to make your voice heard on this important matter. Loading…

Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration

Happy 243rd America! In honor of Independence Day yesterday, we thought it appropriate (and fun) to share this parody of the song Apologize by OneRepublic/Timbaland from Soomo Learning.  The parody, Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration, was the publisher’s attempt “to humanize the sentiment of the founders in writing the declaration.” According to Soomo, the…

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