Alehtse Hernandez

Alehtse Hernandez

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Alehtse Hernandez (Ah-let-say), born in Dallas, TX but raised most of her life in Houston. She is the oldest of two children. A first-generation college student, Alehtse is studying Communication with an emphasis in Journalism at Brigham Young University-Idaho.

She served an 18-month religious mission for her church in the south of Los Angeles, CA prior to attending college and since then was interested in policy changes and media. While in California she was there for the Marijuana and Gay marriage changes and saw much of the backlash her religious affiliation experienced. Starting her first semester in college, Alehtse joined Scroll as a reporter and then as an Editor for the News section for two more semesters. While in this position she had the opportunity to write about several political topics such as the North Korea v. Trump administration and The Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights ruling.

After exploring classes such as Religious Freedom and American Foundations, Alehtse found major interest in the political aspect of how the world works and with so many political policies and changes being made, became interested in pursuing law school after graduating BYU-I.

While she is still thinking about her future after college, she hopes she will make a difference now and learn the ways of the political sphere at Madison Liberty Institute. She will also be working as an Editor for Scroll in the Entertainment section. She hopes to work diligently her last two semesters of college and just make it to graduation.

She loves learning and doing new things and has also worked as a Manager for Social events at BYU-I helping run meetings, coordinate events, and instruct students and loves volunteering in whatever she can make time to do from teaching in the Spanish lab to running school events.She aspires to use all of her talents and develop as many talents as she can to provide the best work and hopes to bring and take much from her time at Madison Liberty Institute.

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