Memorial Day: A Time to Remember and Honor

Two days before Memorial Day 2021, on a beautiful Saturday morning, I and several members of the Madison Liberty Institute team found ourselves at a graveyard, pacing the rows of the headstones as we diligently searched for emblems of military service.

American flag with the text Memorial day. Celebration of all who served.

We, along with many others, combed the names and titles on each headstone to ensure that each fallen service member’s headstone received the adornment of the American flag. None were forgotten (we hoped).

Memorial Day is a designated time to honor and remember men and women who have died while actively serving in the United States military. This special holiday is uniquely focused on honoring the ultimate sacrifice of life – a sacrifice which is often made for family, country, and God.

And while military service is a controversial topic for some, the dignity and honor of virtuous military service is something that should be undisputed.

Memorial Day is marked by the appearance of a multitude of American flags. These flags lined streets, doorways, and – most significantly – the final resting place of fallen servicemen and women.

On this day, the symbol of the flag becomes more visible and more poignant. As a powerful reminder of the cost of freedom, and a parallel to the lives which have been expended in the cause of liberty, the American flag seems to fly with more force on this day.

Memorial Day might be focused on the past, to some degree, but in my mind, the symbols of sacrifice have only multiplied with time. The headstones of those who fought and died in World War II will soon be accompanied by those of our generation – men and women who will yet give their lives in the worthy conflict of freedom and justice.

And in this regard, the memorial of this day is merely a portent of a more glorious future.

May we live worthy to merit the sacrifice of life that will be required to protect the lives and prosperity of our children and our children’s children.

“Nevertheless, we may console ourselves in this point, that they have died in the cause of their country and of their God, yea, and they are happy.” – Alma 56:11

David Goerg
David Goerg is an Idaho native and an ardent Patriot. He believes strongly in the freedom of the individual and sovereignty of the American People. David is a political science major in his sophomore year at Brigham Young University – Idaho and an intern at the Madison Liberty Institute.