Action Alert: Fetal Heartbeat Legislation (HB.366)

Have you ever considered when life begins? The Governor will soon be taking action on House Bill 366 (HB.366), a pro-life bill that takes a stance on when life begins.

Some propose that a sign of life is determined by detecting a heartbeat. At this moment, life begins. Much like one indicator of death is no heart rate. Naturally, the antonym would be a beating heart. For example, when a woman discovers she is pregnant, she will schedule to have an ultrasound done by a medical professional. Everyone in the ultrasound room waits anxiously to hear the baby’s heartbeat. Once the heartbeat is identified it is recognized as a sure sign of life.

The act of abortion denies a baby the right to pursue life. Governor Little currently has HB.366 on his desk to either sign or veto. If signed into law, this bill would not be immediately effective but would be “triggered” into effect when a similar law is upheld by a U.S. appellate court. It would prohibit abortions when there is a detectable fetal heartbeat, with exceptions for rape, incest, or threat to the mother’s life. Essentially, when a medical professional can determine a baby’s heartbeat, abortion is not permissible unless these exceptions apply. The passing of this bill will defend the right of life for the unborn child.

We believe as citizens, it is our duty to help those who can not help themselves. This is your opportunity to save the lives of many unborn children. Please, have your voice be heard! Contact Governor Little today to share your opinion on HB.366.