Support Lemonade Stand Freedom (HB.21)

Cities should not require permits and licenses for the infrequent businesses of minors — be it a lemonade stand, babysitting, lawn mowing, etc.

House Bill 21 would do the following:

  • Prohibit local governments from requiring minors to obtain a permit or license to operate an occasional business.
  • Exclude such businesses from an obligation to collect and remit sales taxes.

Most minors do not realize they are required to obtain a business license, food handler’s permit, etc. To sell something simple on a Saturday morning.

And these micro-businesses cannot afford such permission slips, anyway. Children often make $5-20 after several hours of work, so requiring them to pay $50, $100, or more to obtain legal documents is unreasonable.

Encourage youth entrepreneurship by supporting House Bill 21.

Click HERE to view or download Madison Liberty’s one-pager for House Bill 21 (2021).

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