Action Alert: Take A Stand Against Common Core in Idaho

As many concerned Idahoans are aware, there has been a constant education battle in our state concerning the Idaho Content Standards which are patterned after (and in many cases identical to) Common Core Standards. What you may not have heard is that during the Idaho Legislative session earlier this year, a special committee was created by the Legislature and the Idaho Department of Education to review the Idaho Content Standards and recommend a replacement for them. (This committee is split into various committees that address the specific subjects of English Language Arts, Math, and Science standards for different grades). This was a significant step in the right direction, but we need YOUR help to make this a real win for Idaho. The appointed committee members must hear from parents, grandparents, and concerned citizens like you in order to accurately represent your beliefs regarding the current Idaho Content Standards and how it should be improved.

Below are three opportunities for you to act to end Common Core and enrich education by insisting on fresh performance standards. 

1. To express your experiences and thoughts on this matter, we are asking you to take a moment to explore resources below that will help you identify committee (ELA, Math, Science) members in your area that you may contact. These resources include a sample phone call script, a map of the Idaho education regions, a list of committee members, and a few sample letters created by our friends with the Idaho chapter of the National Education Guardians. The sample letters are specific for each subject. You may copy these letters word for word in your communication to committee members, though we advise you to correspond in your own words, expressing your experience and concerns.


2. Further, please send an email describing your child/grandchild’s experience with the content standards to our friends at This organization is gathering stories that demonstrate the struggles caused by the current content standards. Your personal stories will fuel the movement to have the current standards removed and replaced with improved education standards.

3. August 6, 2020, at 9 a.m., there will be a public meeting in Boise of this committee, formally called “Idaho Content Standards Committee.” If education is a topic you are passionate about, we urge you to take the time to show up at the public meeting to show the committee that Idahoans are committed to high-quality education for our children. The agenda for this important meeting can be found here. Should you not be able to attend the public meeting in person, you may watch it via live stream here.

If you have any questions, please email our policy associate Ms. Lindsey Zea.