Bill Alert: Reversing Car Insurance Mishap

Residents of Idaho, and even visitors, know first-hand that this state has some intense winters. Especially up north, the biting cold and mountains of snow can make traveling quite dangerous and can require a vehicle that’s up to facing the challenging elements. Many seasonal residents, often called “snowbirds”, use certain vehicles during the winter, which they insure, and have other stationary vehicles that are not insured or driven during the winter months. 

Does that sound like a crime to you? 

Well, the Idaho legislature decided last year that it should be. Starting in 2020, any owner of an uninsured vehicle that does not fill out a form to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles will have their vehicle registration unceremoniously dropped by the DMV. To reinstate your vehicle’s registration, a hefty fee of $75 dollars must be paid. Although there are cases of uninsured vehicles that are being driven and put others at risk in the process, this law is punishing law-abiding citizens along with those who are actually driving uninsured. 

Fortunately, Representative Heather Scott is fighting back against this new regulation! She is proposing a piece of legislation today in the House Business committee that would repeal the law from last year. She feels strongly that the law unfairly punishes law-abiding citizens. Do you agree? RS27622 is the current name of her proposed legislation and it needs to get a majority of votes in committee today in order for this to become an official bill and progress towards success.

Use our new “Contact Your Representative” Tool to send an email to out to the House Business Committee encouraging them to vote in favor of this legislation. With our new tool, this will be easy and only take about 30 secs tops; however, it will make all the difference for Idaho citizens about to be burdened with this new regulation. Please pass this on to anyone you know who may be affected by the law! 

Thanks for taking the time to invest in our great state!