Bill Alert: Is Idaho’s Religious Liberty is Under Attack?

Do you think it’s fair to require someone to provide a service that goes against their religious beliefs?

The answer should be a hard no. Forcing someone to go against their deeply rooted religious convictions is an attack on their freedom. However, recently in society, the question “how far does religious liberty extend?” has become a huge topic among our local, state, and federal representatives. Questions like that are resulting in legislation being proposed across the country that are direct attacks on our ability to stand up for our religious convictions. And unfortunately, Idaho is not immune.

A new bill printed in the Idaho State Senate (SB.1275) proposes to amend Idaho code to require health benefit plans to cover six months of birth control at a time. While this bill may cut costs for families and insurance companies, there’s a catch.

Organizations that do not offer contraceptives, because it goes against their religious beliefs, may also be required to provide six months of birth control (including abortifacients) to individuals who request it. Not only is this legislation backed by Planned Parenthood (which should be enough to raise a red flag), the bill goes beyond the proper role of government and is positioned to infringe on religious liberty here in Idaho.

The “6 Months of Birth Control” bill (SB 1275) is scheduled for a public hearing TODAY at 1:30 PM in the Senate Commerce & Human Resources Committee. If you are able, we strongly encourage you to show up and voice your opposition. However, if you are not able to make it to the Capitol today, we invite you to use our new “Contact Your Representative” Tool to send an email to members of the committee encouraging them to oppose this legislation. With our new email tool, this will be easy and should only take about 30 seconds.

At the Madison Liberty Institute, we support religious liberty and the protection of churches, faith-based employers, and organizations from inappropriate legal restrictions which would infringe on their right to practice their freedom of conscience. Especially here in Idaho!