Support Life Here in Idaho

Imagine, it’s a Tuesday afternoon, you look at the clock and realize you need to go pick up the kids from school. You grab your keys, head out to your car, start blasting your favorite tunes, and you are on your way.

At a stoplight, you notice an interesting license plate you’ve never seen before. The harder you look at it, the more you realize it’s a pro-life license plate from out of state. You’ve always been a pro-lifer yourself and you realize you have to get your hands on one of those plates in your state (you had no idea that this was even an option!).

As soon as you get home with the kids, you can’t contain your excitement any longer, so you quickly call the Idaho DMV to see if you can update your license plate and support the pro-life movement. However, your request is quickly shut down, because these plates aren’t offered here in Idaho.

Currently, 33 states offer an option to purchase pro-life license plates. The funds go to local pregnancy resource centers that promote life and help provide care as well as practical assistance to women with unplanned pregnancies.

Unfortunately, Idaho is not one of those states.

But with your help, this could change. 

Sen. Regina Bayer (R-Meridian) has introduced Senate Bill 1249, which would add “Choose Life” as a new special interest license plate available at the Idaho DMV. Of each $35 plate registration fee, $22 will be given to local pregnancy resource centers.

How can you help?

Use our new “Contact Your Representative” Tool to send an email to out to the Senate Transportation Committee encouraging them to vote in favor of this legislation. With our new tool, this will be easy and only take about 30 secs tops; however, it will make all the difference for the pro-life movement here in Idaho.

At the Madison Liberty Institute, we recognize that rights are not dependent on whether or not a person is wanted, but upon their humanity. And we believe that life is sacred and should be protected.

Let’s show the world that Idaho supports life by joining 33 other states with a pro-life license plate.