Idaho legislative session continues with a bang, pro-gun legislation introduced

Idaho is potentially taking one more step to complete Constitutional Carry in the Gem State by reinforcing second amendment rights through a new proposed law. Legislation introduced yesterday by liberty-minded Representative Christy Zito would amend the existing law to allow individuals who are legal residents of the United States, to carry a concealed handgun without a permit in city limits (permitless concealed carry is already allowed outside of city

limits, and non-Idaho residents may carry open in the city limits.). The phrasing of the existing law only allows for concealed carry without a permit by someone who is a resident of Idaho. Proponents of the new legislation argue that the passage of this bill would clear up the confusion by removing the need to distinguish if someone is a resident of Idaho before they are allowed to exercise their second amendment rights. 

Over the last five years, Idaho has adopted several pro-gun laws that have created a strong defense of the exercise of second amendment rights in our state. In 2015 Idaho passed a law that eliminated the need for a permit to conceal carry outside of city limits (as mentioned above), and last year the legislature extended that to include young adult carriers, ages 18-21. Idaho is often listed in the top five states for gun laws and gun owners, with Guns and Ammo firearm magazine rating us as number two. As a leader for pro-gun legislation in the country, Idaho needs to show that we plan to continue on this path; supporting this legislation is just the next logical step. Contact your legislators today to thank them for defending your second amendment rights and urge them to vote in favor of House Bill 394.