Team Tuesday: Alehtse Hernandez, Communications Intern

Alehtse Hernandez pronounced (Ah-let-say) is a Communication Major with an emphasis in Journalism at Brigham Young University- Idaho. She is the oldest of two daughters and because of a shortage gap, she usually gets confused as twins. Born in Dallas, TX but raised in Houston. Alehtse is a first-generation college student and looks forward to graduating to make her family proud. From a single parent, immigrant household, She looks forward to making a difference for those just like her family.

On her free time, Alehtse enjoys dancing, reading, watching movies, and taking naps. She loves learning new things and one of her favorite hobbies is learning new languages. She is bilingual in Spanish and English but has also studied Korean and is currently working on picking a new language. She also enjoys martial arts and has practiced Taekwondo, Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, and Chun Kuk Do.