What does Idaho Mean to You?

Do you know what the name “Idaho” means?

Nothing. Literally, the name “Idaho” doesn’t mean anything. Idaho was a made-up name and was actually almost the name of one of our sister states. In the early 1860s, a lobbyist named George M. Willing made up the name “Idaho”, claiming it was a Shoshone term meaning “the sun comes from the mountains” or “gem of the mountains”. It was originally suggested to be the name of Colorado; however, once they figured out the name was a hoax they quickly turned it down. A little while later the name “Idaho” was adopted by our state earning us our nickname “Gem State.”

The name “Idaho” may not technically mean anything; however, Idaho has many different meanings to many people. Some may define Idaho as a place of beauty. A place with deep traditions and important history. A place where someone received a second chance. A place someone feels they have a voice. A place of refuge. A place where they finally found their long-awaited success. A place that makes french fries possible. A place with strong communities that are willing to help each other. A place where people work hard. A safe place for children to grow up. But most importantly, a place that many generations have defined as home.

At Madison Liberty, we see Idaho as a place full of people who care about their families, communities, traditions, history and have much to be proud of. Our hope is to protect and secure those definitions and values that the people of Idaho hold dear. This way, what makes us special can be enjoyed by our children and grandchildren for generations.

Idaho is great because people define it as great and we live up to that definition. So, let’s keep Idaho great! Join us in helping Idaho continue to be great by getting involved.

(Have you ever considered what Idaho means to you personally? We want to hear your answers! Feel free to reach out to us by replying to this email.)