House Bill 312 – Daycare Licencing

On January 13, 2020, House Bill 312 (H0312) was introduced at the request of Ms. Ms. Erica Rupp of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. 

This legislation proposes to update daycare requirements, which haven’t been changed since 2011. New safety measures include: background checks of employees and anyone at the premises on a regular basis, evacuation plan for fire and other emergencies, fencing off pools or other bodies of water, requiring certification for pediatric rescue breathing and first aid, child safety seats and seatbelts if daycare uses transportation, sanitize eating utensils, and sanitation measures of changing diapers, among other things.

House Bill 312 states that daycare facilities that do not follow safety requirements put children in potential danger. Concerning home daycares specifically, this bill states that home daycares with 4 or more children will require caretakers to receive a background check. Also, family (home) daycares will not be granted a license if a registered sex offender lives on the premises.

These changes are estimated to cost $52,000, with 29% coming out of the state general fund and the rest from federal funding.

H0312 was reported out of the House Health and Welfare Committee on January 22, 2020, with a “Do Pass” recommendation. 


Bill Details

Number: H0312 (2020)
Title: Daycare facilities, licensing
Text |Statement of Purpose

Requested by: Ms. Erica Rupp, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

Floor Sponsor: Representative Ilana Rubel (D – Boise)

Bill Status: 3rd Reading, House (01.24.2020)

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