Team Tuesday: Madison Dabell, Communications Intern

Madison DaBell was born in Provo, Utah to a mom from southern Indiana and a father from Rexburg, Idaho. Her family moved to Nashville, Tennessee when she was only four months old and has remained there since. Her parents met playing the viola and sharing a music stand in the orchestra at Rick’s College. Madison is the second oldest of five kids, and each kid alternates gender– boy, girl, boy, girl, boy. Each of her family members who are old enough has served as missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in foreign countries– her father served in Japan, her older brother served in the Philippines, she served in Croatia and Serbia, and her little brother is currently in Tahiti. Growing up, Madison was a competitive dancer from age five to age fifteen. After quitting dance after middle school, she began singing regularly in choirs and at local open mic nights. During her senior year of high school, she felt especially ambitious and chose to start playing the cello.

Since graduating from high school, Madison has attended two colleges and switched between four different majors. She first attended Brigham Young University studying political science before jumping between Psychology and Dance. She then went on to transfer to BYU-Idaho to study communications with an emphasis in public relations. In her journalism class, she had the opportunity to attend a field trip to Jackson Hole for the first time. While there, she got to interview a local on whom she would later write a feature profile story.

If Madison could travel anywhere in the world, she would travel to Paris, France of Indonesia. She studied French for four years in high school and her grandfather is from Indonesia. She loves hearing her grandfather tell his immigration story post-WWII. She believes she gets her resilience and strength from her grandfather.