House Bill 309 – State & Local Roads Funding

On January 9th, 2020, State Representative Joe Palmer (R-20th District) introduced House Bill 309 (H0309).

The purpose of H0309 is to create a source of transportation funding for state and local roads while saving additional money in case the State revenue falls short, or to meet expenses incurred as a result of a major disaster declared by the Governor. House Bill 309 will also fund the Strategic Initiatives Program. The Strategic Initiatives Program is a competitive transportation project grant program.

H0309 was referred to the House Transportation and Defense Committee on January 10, 2020.  The following week, on January 15th, the legislative measure was reported out of committee with a “Do Pass” recommendation.


Bill Details

Number: H0309 (2020)
Title: Budget stabilization fund
Text | Statement of Purpose

Sponsor: Representative Joe Palmer (R-Meridian)

Bill Status: Filed for 3rd Reading, House (01.16.2020)

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