Team Tuesday: Alex Williams, SparkCast Project

HI! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Alex Williams and I love… hmm… a lot of things. Let’s start with my hobbies! 

I grew up making videos with my siblings. Every year, we would edit these family videos. One year, I took random footage of my baby sister and cobbled it into a trailer for a horror movie. Another year, we had a giant water fight that made the feature of our little family film! As I got older, the completely random turned into the organized random as friends and I made comedy sketches for YouTube. After a few of those, a friend with a restaurant asked if I would be willing to take videos/photos of his food. The payment? The food. Easily worth it. Now my full-time job is creating and curating content for small businesses. 

Of course, need to try something new, I turned to podcasting! I started to practice asking good questions and listening to the answers. After starting a few shows, the Alumni Office at BYU-Idaho called me asking me to consult on their own podcasting project. A few months later, Jonathan Haines brought me onto the team at Madison Liberty to get another few shows off the ground! That makes me part of the SparkCast team, and it’s AWESOME! 

It’s starting to occur to me that all my hobbies are turning into jobs… Some people have asked if that takes the fun out of it. No. It doesn’t. It actually makes it far more engaging! Making a video is easy enough, but scheduling people to be in one, getting the lighting right, getting a zillion other things right, and delivering a quality product makes it exciting! A podcast is easy enough to start – even with nothing but a phone – but taking the time to learn how things work, building a team, and producing shows I’m not even in… now that’s fulfilling! I love that what I do for fun turns into work! 

To wrap’r up here: 

I believe in purpose over passion. I can’t stand cucumbers, celery, or peanut butter. My favorite color changes from day to day, but it’s never yellow, orange, or purple. I say no so I can say yes to things that matter. I believe in trust, truth, and things in threes. And, “I. AM. CANADIAN.”