Developmental Disabilities and Competency to Stand Trial

On January 28, 2019, the Idaho House of Representatives passed House Bill 30 (H0030), with a vote of 70-0. According to the statement of purpose, H0030 “will require courts to use an evaluation committee if a developmental disability is suspected to be the cause of the apparent incompetence to stand trial.”

Developmental disabilities are already defined in Idaho law and this legislation makes no changes to that definition. An evaluation committee consists of a physician, a caseworker, and a psychologist. Under current law, someone may be evaluated by a single licensed psychologist or psychiatrist or an evaluation committee. If adopted, this legislation will require a committee instead of a single opinion in the pursuit of accurate competency recommendations.

Amended in the Idaho Senate on March 19, 2019, House Bill 30a was placed on the Senate’s 3rd Reading calendar the following day.

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Bill Details

Number: H0030 (2019)
Text | Statement of Purpose

Floor Sponsor: Representative Doug Ricks (R-Rexburg)

Bill status: Senate, 3rd Reading (03.23.2019)