HJM006: Freemont’s Targhee Pass

On February 11, 2019, State Representative Jerald Raymond (R-Menan) introduced House Joint Memorial 6 (HJM006). The measure was adopted by the Idaho House on February 26, 2019, and the Idaho Senate on March 7, 2019.

HJM006 calls for collaboration between local governments, area citizens, and stakeholders as it relates to highway safety, highway improvements, and human/wildlife interactions. Specifically referenced was the Targhee Pass on U.S. Highway 20 in Fremont County.

(Update: House Joint Memorial 6 was delivered to the Idaho Secretary of State on March 14, 2019.)

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Bill Details

Number: HJMM006 (2019)
Text | Statement of Purpose

Sponsor(s): Representative Jerald Raymond (R-Menan)

Bill status: Adopted, Idaho Secretary of State (03.15.2019)