Into the Beehive: A Students Point of View of the 2019 Salt Lake Women’s March

Many people said a conservative walking into the women’s march was like walking into the lion’s den. To me, it felt like walking into a swarming beehive. Would a mob of women in pink hats mobilize to push us out? Did the movement of women solidarity apply to those who disagree with their cause?

We started the steep march up the hill to the Capitol building surrounded by protesters. I was disappointed to discover that many significant gender issues were not mentioned. I couldn’t help but take note of all of the anti-trump, anti-capitalism, anti-man, anti-conservative signs and chants. It didn’t feel like a movement of female solidarity, but conservative resistance. Profanity and explicit images clouded messages that were related to feminism. 

Men’s issues are rarely discussed, but there are so many substantial ways that men are disadvantaged in our country. I have spent much time thinking about how unfamiliar the general public is to these issues. Were there parts of the feminist movement that discussed true oppression and injustice? Surely, if there were men’s issues that weren’t as publicized, there had to be issues that women face that also needed to be discussed. I was hoping to receive clearer answers at the women’s march. 

My research before the women’s march led me to learn about instances of oppression that are not often talked about; Some of the most significant being human trafficking and female circumcision. I hoped these issues would be presented at the march, but to my disappointment, most of the women just complained about men interrupting them, undesirable gender roles, and the wage gap.  

I talked to a girl, and she told me about The Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women Campaign and how Native American women are ten times more likely to be kidnapped or murdered in comparison to other American women. I thought it was great that they were raising awareness for this. A legitimate issue!

Unfortunately, I didn’t film my interview with this girl. When I asked another girl that represented this group about the cause, her explanations were, just as the overall direction of the women’s march, chaotic and muddy. When I asked her about women’s oppression and global outreach of the issues mentioned before, she told me to not worry about those things and quickly changed the subject. I found it ironic that she, who was marching for women’s rights, was unwilling and even silencing these issues of injustice and female oppression. 

I did have meaningful conversations with some of the people at the march. They voiced to me that they wished the topics of female circumcision and sex trafficking were discussed more at these events. We agreed that we would like to see more global outreach to women in other countries who are genuinely fighting oppression and inequality.

A bee sting is not only uncomfortable to the victim but, it is said, it leads to the demise of the bee itself. The modern feminist movement is the same. The feminist ideologies not only harm their male counterparts but they undermine and self-sabotage true female empowerment and equality. I remain critical of third-wave feminism. I believe in equality for all. I wish this group would pull their sources and truly ban together for the fight to defend human rights, but I did not see it at the 2019 Salt Lake City women’s march.