Senate Bill Proposes Flexible Education Options

On February 7, 2019, State Senator Stephen Thayn (R – Emmett) introduced Senate Bill 1060 (S1060). The stated purpose of the proposal is to “provide flexible schedule and early graduation opportunities for college and career ready students.”

Senate Bill 1060 proposes to allow qualifying students to receive a high school diploma without attending all previously “state required” classes. Additionally, S1060 aims to increase the flexibility of student schedules to allow greater focus on Career and Technical Education (CTE) or other similar elective programs.

After taking the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), American College Testing (ACT), or other tests to identify college and career readiness, the students are eligible to receive greater flexibilities in their schedules, an increased ability to take post-secondary classes, and receive their accredited diploma and opt out of high school to further their educational or career goals.

The intent of this proposed legislation is worth considering and would be an incredible step forward for students to have the freedom to proceed down the career and educational pathways best suited to them individually instead of the current one size fits all system.

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Bill Details

Number: S1060 (2019)
Text | Statement of Purpose

Sponsor: Senator Steven Thayn (R – Emmett)

Co-Sponsor(s): N/A

Bill status: Senate Education Committee (02.08.2019)