The ABC’s of School Choice


The act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life. (

This week is National School Choice Week! The Madison Liberty Institute stands firmly behind the freedom of Idahoans to choose how to educate themselves and their families. In celebration of National School Choice Week, let’s take a look at education and why school choice is so vital.




Why is education important?

Education is the fuel that propels us to reach great heights in life. Our dreams and hopes to change the world are made possible through education in the field that we want to impact. Education also enables us to be self-reliant financially and protected against poverty. The more knowledge we have the better we can care for ourselves and others.





(University of Wisconsin-Madison, Robert Haveman)

Defending school choice:

The government is increasingly championing public schools and limiting other education options for grades K-12. With this in mind, it is important to reiterate that parents have primary responsibility for the learning of their children. They can delegate a part of that responsibility to the state, if they choose, or to a private learning institution. But it is wrong for the state to demand that parents educate their children in a specific way. If the state was to demand homeschooling be the only education option that would be just as wrong. Regardless of which option the government thinks is the best quality or most beneficial, it is not the correct role of government to make that call for individuals and families.


School choice and individualism:

One size fits all works (sometimes) for socks and hats, but it is a terrible technique to use in educating people. Because people are so diverse in personality, attention span, learning ability, and a million other ways it is unwise to assume that one way of education will work effectively for everyone. School choice is important because it allows each individual the opportunity to seek the best path of education for them personally. Families also have varying circumstances, resources and composition to take into consideration when making choices about education. Limiting school choice is detrimental to families as well as individuals.

Although there are a variety of education topics that Idaho can improve on, our state is doing well in School Choice!


Click HERE  for a link from the National School Choice Week organization showing the education options that are available in Idao. 

School choice in Idaho includes Public School, Charter School, Private School, Online School, and Home School.