Fremont County Cheering Proposed Alternatives to Targhee Pass

Fremont County Cheering Proposed Alternatives for Safety Improvements to Targhee Pass
Public hearing to receive comments on Targhee Pass Environmental Assessment


FREMONT COUNTY, Idaho – Residents of Fremont county and especially Island Park are cheering the Idaho Transportation Department press release identifying the alternative to make safety improvements to Targhee Pass without the wildlife overpasses (and necessary accompanying fencing). The Idaho Transportation Department press release acknowledged that “On a statewide and districtwide priority, the Targhee Pass location does not have the highest frequency of wildlife-vehicle collisions. With limited funding, priority locations that have a greater safety benefit should be implemented prior to wildlife crossing through the Targhee Pass area.” Former State Representative Karey Hanks states, “This decision shows how when we work together in a community we can make a difference. I’m sure we would be faced with wildlife overpasses on Targhee Pass if citizens and leaders had not stepped up to stop them. I hope people will stay involved in the future to protect us from further encroachment on local control of our area.”

Comments on the Targhee Pass Environmental Assessment will be accepted at a public hearing in Island Park January 17th from 4-7 pm at the EMS building 4124 County Circle Road. For more information, visit:


Karey Hanks is a former Idaho State Representative for District 35. During her term, she worked alongside Fremont county officials, local law enforcement and the Island Park Preservation Coalition to ensure a safe, cost-effective solution as improvements were needed on this stretch of Highway 20, which connects to Montana and the west entrance of Yellowstone National Park. She has recently taken on a position with the Madison Liberty Institute as the Fremont County coordinator for their civic engagement project – BrushFires. The project aims to establish modern-day committees of correspondence, in each county throughout the state of Idaho as they seek to spark the flames of freedom. Karey and her husband, Burke, currently reside on their farm in the Egin area.

To view our official press statement, please click the link below.

Karey Hanks Targhee Pass Press Statement