Healing of America Seminars

The Madison Liberty Institute has partnered with the “Restoration Network” to facilitate the Healing of America Seminars at Spark Freedom and around the state of Idaho. These seminars teach the genius of the Founders’ philosophy of successful government, evidence of God’s hand in the establishment of freedom in America, at the sources of America’s greatest political, moral, and educational problems. Click below to learn more!

Healing of America Seminar 1

Healing of America Seminar 2

Healing of America Seminar 3

The “Restoration Network” is an unofficial term used by the Madison Liberty Institute to refer to the Restoration Generation student club and their five partner nonprofits:

  • Columbus Center for International Outreach
  • Wesley Center for Religious Freedom
  • George Washington Center for the Healing of America
  • Lord Nelson Center for Military Outreach
  • Benjamin Franklin Center for the Family, Morality, and Education

Each of these nonprofits teach the Healing of America Seminars to specific demographics and audiences.