Rexburg 2021 City Council Candidates

Rexburg City Council Candidate Profiles

This year, Rexburg has nine city council candidates running for three open seats. Two of the nine are incumbents who are currently serving on the city council. In preparation for Election Day, November 2nd, we have provided the following spreadsheet of information about the candidates to help you get to know the individuals running for public office.

Here are two additional opportunities to hear and interact with the candidates:

  • Candidate Jeopardy, tonight (October 23rd) at 7pm, at Madison Junior High. Event by Madison County Republican Women’s Club..
  • City Council candidate night, October 26th from 6:30-8pm at the Romance Theater. Event by the Rexburg Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you for investing time in preserving liberty in our community and making Rexburg a place we love to call home.